Michael Brook

Michael Brook’s photographs illuminate people, events, artifacts and places in a clear colorful style.  The studio specializes in commercial photography, portraiture, and wedding photography.

Growing up as the child of an immigrant, he was especially aware of how diverse families and life experiences could be.  “I began using photography as an anthropology graduate student to document cultural tensions in rural hungary after the fall of the soviet union.  Images could communicate volumes about the stories from key informants and experiences within the community (age old methods in cultural anthropology).”

After graduate school Michael studied photography in night-school (his days were spent in a financial services call center, aka, “the boiler room”) – his most influential photography teacher was Grant Leighton a portraitist and a longtime assistant to Richard Avedon.  Leighton’s ability to capture faces and portraits that suggested profound stories struck a chord.  The search for remarkable visual stories remains the catalyst of Michael’s images.